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Latest Photos
more  Latest Photos
Here are some photos of the almost completed Unity House....more Latest Photos
On Site Photos
more  On Site Photos
Construction photos from the Unity job site....more On Site Photos

Time Lapse Video
more  Time Lapse Video
See Open_2 assembled in a time lapse video....more Time Lapse Video

Assembly On Site At Unity
more  Assembly On Site At Unity
See the first modules hoisted into position.....more Assembly On Site At Unity

more  Logistics
May 30, 2008 - Loading the 5 trucks that will bring the prefabricated components to Unity, Maine...more Logistics

Construction Photos
more  Construction Photos
View the latest photos from our New Hampshire shop...more Construction Photos

more  Concepts
The OPEN_2 Prototype will be designed and fabricated to accommodate centuries of change in technologies, occupancy and use. This will be expressed....more Concepts

more  Goals
The OPEN Prototype Initiative is a joint venture into rethinking the way we build homes in the US. A collaboration between Bensonwood, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and other construction industry members...more Goals

more  Design
The President's Cottage will be an integral part of the landscape, not just an object in it....more Design

more  Structure
The load bearing structure on OPEN_2 is designed very simply, utilizing glue- laminated lumber. Partially visible steel connectors are used to join the individual components....more Structure

Mechanical and Utility
more  Mechanical and Utility
The mechanical core is the working space of the home. It will contain the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as...more Mechanical and Utility

more  Net-Zero
Designed for Net-Zero energy performance, Unity House utilizes...more Net-Zero

Environmental Responsibility
more  Environmental Responsibility
The OPEN_2 project carries a high level of environmental visibility. Bensonwood has always been a forerunner...more Environmental Responsibility

3d Interactive Model
more  3d Interactive Model
Download a 3d .pdf model...more 3d Interactive Model

more  LEED
The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating....more LEED

more  Links
Links for more information...more Links

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